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Quad mobilization exercises by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

Do you want to boost your performance in running, jumping, squatting, and more? If you have hip or quad pain, this mobilization exercise can make a huge difference in how you feel. We have an excellent way to mobilize the soft tissues in your quadriceps to help eliminate or reduce your pain.

This exercise will get into the quad’s soft tissues and make movement more pleasant. All you need is a flat floor and a rolled-up yoga mat or another round object.

1. Lay your rolled mat on the floor and lay face down, propped up on your elbows, with your left quadriceps resting on the mat.

Quad mobilization exercises by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

2. Start rolling your quad up and down on the mat to find a sore spot, working your way from your hip all the way down to just above the bone in your knee.

Quad Mobilization Exercises by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

3. Put pressure on the sore spot, making sure to not roll aimlessly. Bend your knee.

How to do Quad Mobilization Exercises Presented by Pleasantview Physio

4. On each sore spot, contract and relax your quad muscles by bending and straightening your knee to break any adhesion.

Quad Mobilization Exercises for Edmonton patients

5. Rollover on a 45-degree angle and work the partial outside of your quads.

Edmonton Pleasantview Physio Physiotherapist explains how do Quad Mobilization Exercises

6. Rollover completely on your side and work the outside of your quads.
7. Make sure to keep the mat above the bone in your knee. When you’ve found a spot, bend and straighten your knee.
8. Move the mat to sore spots up and down the front, partial side, and full side of your leg, bending and straightening your knee. Switch legs.

Pleasantview Physio Physiotherapist explains how do Quad Mobilization Exercises

9. Using this technique, mobilize each quad for 2 minutes a day, every other day.
10. You won’t clear it all out the first day, but after several days, you should feel better.

This soft tissue mobilization exercise targeting your quadriceps is going to loosen up your hip extension and function. Quadriceps are normally tight in our society because of a lot of sitting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly doing this mobilization exercise can take a lot of the stress off your hips and your back.

Contact Pleasantview Physiotherapy today to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist to see how simple exercises like quadriceps mobilization can help you reduce pain and enjoy your life more.

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