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Pleasantview Physiotherapy Provides MVA Rehabilitation

The physical consequences of a car crash can be painful and persistent, but Pleasantview Physiotherapy can help minimize these effects through motor vehicle accident (MVA) rehabilitation in Edmonton, AB. Our team of passionate specialists is committed to providing high-quality rehabilitation services that focus on the unique nature of each client’s injuries and produce results. We do not want you to have lifelong complications from a car accident, so we will tailor a treatment plan to your needs, and help you restore normalcy to your professional and leisurely routines. Our facility features a fully-equipped clinic with a gym, treatment cubicles, private massage room, and more. Call us today to learn more about ways we can help you live your best life again through MVA rehabilitation.

What is Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation?

Car crashes of all severities can result in a wide range of physical injuries and cognitive deficits. Violent car crashes may cause whiplash, fractures, muscle strains, and more. Pleasantview Physiotherapy aims to treat these conditions using motor vehicle accident rehabilitation practices. MVA rehabilitation encompasses several exercises, therapies, and treatments to help reduce pain and allow sufferers to regain their ranges of motion. If you need MVA rehabilitation following an accident, visit our clinic in Edmonton, AB. Our team of medical professionals will complete a thorough evaluation to identify the extent and severity of your injuries. We will then devise a unique plan based on treating your conditions and lessening their long-term impact. To create this plan, our specialists will consider your everyday activities, professional demands, and overall health.

What MVA Injuries Does Pleasantview Physiotherapy Treat?

Immediately following a motor vehicle accident, most people feel stiffness in their muscles and joints, but discomfort is not always present. Unfortunately, stiffness is often a sign of imminent pain that will require treatment. Whether you visit us right after your accident or wait until the painful reminders are more prominent, we will be able to assist you. We can treat a wide range of injuries resulting from your accident, including:

  • Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) – This may lead to severe headaches and muscle spasms
  • Concussions
  • Lower back pain
  • Fractures
  • Muscle tears
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Ligament strains and sprains

How Can Pleasantview Physiotherapy Help After an MVA?

Our team of MVA rehabilitation experts will help you restore function and reduce pain following an automobile accident. By identifying all your injuries and carefully creating a plan to address them, we will get you back to your regular routine quickly. You will be able to move without pain or stiffness and be at a lower risk of long-term disabilities from the incident. But do not hesitate to seek assistance or begin an MVA rehabilitation program. Quick action helps increase your chances of a full recovery.

What Are the MVA Rehabilitation Program Components?

Every treatment plan comprises a collection of therapies and exercises. Following a consultation with our therapists, you will receive an outline of what may work best for your case. The MVA rehabilitation program components include:

  • Education – We will provide advice regarding ways you can help yourself when you are away from our Edmonton, AB facility. This advice may detail how much activity you should attempt, ways to rest or sleep, and an ice or heat regimen to complete at home.
  • Early mobilization – This includes simple stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Manual therapy – We will perform soft tissue mobilizations, manipulations, manual stretching, and more.
  • Modalities – We will introduce therapies such as ice and heat, electrical agents, or acupuncture.
  • Exercise – As your pain levels decrease, a physical therapist will plan an exercise program designed to restore strength, flexibility, and endurance so that you can complete regular activities.

Contact Pleasantview Physiotherapy for MVA Rehabilitation

When you entrust the Pleasantview Physiotherapy team with your motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, you are getting unrivaled expertise and a commitment to fostering a positive outcome. We utilize the experience of our therapists to devise treatment programs that will address all your physical concerns. Our compassionate experts will develop a rapport with you to understand your pain entirely before designing exercises and programs that will restore mobility and function while decreasing pain. We will even provide tips that will help you prevent future injuries. Do not toil and wait to recover – a wait that may be never-ending. Contact us today to accelerate your recovery with motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Edmonton, AB.

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