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Program Goal

To decrease your pain and discomfort and retain the range of motion (ROM) in your neck or in any other area of your body that has been injured by the car accident.

Definition of WAD (Whiplash Associated Disorder)

On October 1, 2004, the Government of Alberta implemented the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulations (DTPR) to promote quick recovery through fast and effective treatment. Based on your WAD classification, you have access to a pre-approved number of treatment sessions that are billed directly to the insurance company.

Program Components

  1. Education & Advice: Level of activity, sleeping and resting positions, application of ice/heat at home, referral to the physician (if indicated), etc.
  2. Early Mobilisation: Simple stretching and strengthening exercises.
  3. Manual Therapy: Manual stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, manipulations, etc.
  4. Modalities: Ultrasound, ice/heat, electrical agents, IMS, Traction, etc.
  5. Exercise: As the pain and discomfort of your injuries decrease, your physiotherapist will advance your exercise program to help regain full range of motion, strength, early return to normal activities including work, and improve your everyday functioning.

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