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IMS at Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic

Treatment at Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic is determined according to your condition and symptoms so that we can decide on what will work most effectively. We’re proud of the services we’ve provided to our Edmonton, AB patients since 1983, and a major component to our success is staying current on treatment options. IMS therapy is a method of relieving chronic pain for a variety of injuries and physiological ailments. Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is a treatment option that addresses chronic pain that originates from a neuropathic cause. Performing this technique includes using sterilized needles to penetrate the patient’s skin and underlying muscle. These needles are similar to acupuncture needles, and the effects of treatment are cumulative. Through needling, we stimulate healing to a certain degree until the pain and condition eventually disappear.

Physiotherapist doing acupuncture to a young woman on her back

The Protocol for Our Rehabilitation Services

IMS therapy is an effective treatment option for neuropathic conditions that result in chronic pain, such as backache, tennis elbow, whiplash, frozen shoulder, and headaches. Undergoing IMS therapy typically involves treatment once a week. Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic’s trained therapists will perform treatment during each session with your comfort and long-term recovery in mind. We value being an active participant in the relief patients experience from treatment. While the number of treatments necessary for each patient will vary to achieve optimal results, it does depend on the following factors:

  • The Duration of Your Condition
  • The Severity of Your Condition
  • How Much Scar Tissue Needs to Be Treated
  • Your Body’s Healing Time

Get Relief for Your Chronic Back Pain in Edmonton, AB

If you suffer from chronic pain due to a neuropathic condition like backaches, headaches, and whiplash, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic for long-term relief. We use IMS therapy as a treatment option because of its proven effectiveness for a variety of conditions. Let our caring therapists remove the burden of your pain.

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