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Effective Physiotherapy in South Edmonton, AB

Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic relieves the pain and mobility issues of injuries from sports and motor vehicle accidents, as well as vertigo, sprains, and much more. We provide patients in Edmonton, AB a wide variety of physiotherapy services to help them recover from injuries and the subsequent pain that accompanies them. Depending on your injury, we use proven treatment methods like massage therapy, IMS, customized exercise programs, and postural education to get you back to your best life. Our professional team of injury experts will evaluate your condition and recommend the most suitable treatments to ensure long-term recovery, whether you slip on the ice.


Components of Our Patient Recovery Programs

Every program we offer at our location includes several components with variations to account for the needs of a particular therapy method or patient.  We conduct a detailed assessment of your current neurological and/or musculoskeletal signs and symptoms, as well as evaluate your functional abilities with respect to daily factors like your work activities and lifestyle. Based on the assessment and diagnosis, our team establishes a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol that aims for the best recovery possible. Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic is adept at many different physiotherapy treatment options, including the following:

Contact Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic for Your Best Recovery

When you visit Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic, rest assured you’re receiving effective care from trained and experienced professionals who are committed to your recovery. Accidental injuries don’t have to dramatically damage your quality of life. With our help, you can get back to daily life with the best possible mobility and pain reduction.

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