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Helping Patients Improve Their Function and Fitness

At Pleasantview Physiotherapy, we always welcome new patients – no referral is required. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft patient-friendly physiotherapy treatments and provide them to our patients. Our willingness to consider each patient’s unique situation guides us. Over the years, our patients have benefited from our individualized approach to physical therapy. Through it all, patients who visit our clinic improve and maintain critical functions and fitness performance following an injury or illness. Don’t live with chronic pain; give us a call to ask us a question or book an appointment online 24/7.

Enjoy the Benefits Insurance Coverage Provides

Fortunately for our patients, Canada offers no shortage of Extended Health Benefits (EHBs) to patients seeking physiotherapy treatments. Our patients have come to expect a user-friendly experience from our clinic, and a significant reason is our willingness to accept as many EHBs as possible.

We Offer Fair Rates for Our Indispensable Services

Transparency is important to our team. Patients rely on our physiotherapy services to mend torn ligaments and restore feeling to numb fingers. They trust us to deliver these services in a compassionate and ultra-professional environment staffed with trained physiotherapists. We want to amplify their trust by making our rates public and easily accessible before treatment begins. At Pleasantview Physiotherapy, you can expect to pay:


Assessment: $130
Treatment: starts at $90

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Assessment: $130
Treatment: $100

Massage Therapy

Fee: starts at $60

Vestibular Rehab

Assessment: $200
Treatment: $100


Assessment: $180
Treatment: $110

Customized Orthotics

Fee: $460

RAPID Neurofacial Reset

Fee: $35 to $100


Assessment: $130
Treatment: $90

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Conditions Physiotherapy Can Treat

Physiotherapy treatments are an excellent method of recovering from injuries. Many surgeons mandate it as part of the post-operative process. However, various forms of physiotherapy are ideal for patients suffering from an assortment of chronic physical pain impacting multiple parts of the body. Our techniques are proven to be effective at treating injuries from automobile accidents and addressing dizziness and vertigo. Not only that, but physiotherapy can also remove neck, back, ankle, foot, and knee pain. Whether poor posture is causing pain, or you injured yourself playing hockey, we can help.

Become a New Patient at Pleasantview Physiotherapy Today

Those who experience chronic pain and individuals recovering from surgery shouldn’t delay seeking physiotherapy treatment. Our clinic can teach you exercises that will mend your injuries and, slowly but surely, rebuild the strength and vitality you once had. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Contact us today to become a new patient.

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