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Hip Capsular Stretches Exercises

Stretching and working your hip flexors can increase joint play and joint range of motion in your hips. An added benefit is increased flexibility, which makes this hip mobilization exercise an important one to learn.

The hip flexors are a group of muscles in the front of your hip. Hip flexion (or the way the angle between your joints decreases with movement) happens every time you sit down, squat, walk, ride a bike, or run. Here’s a simple exercise you can do at home with a band to mobilize your hips, especially if you’re feeling tight.

1. You need a strong exercise band and a firm, heavy object to attach it to.

2. Attach one end of the band to your stable object and slip the other end up as high as you can on the front at the crease of your hip.

Hip Mobilization Exercises with Band by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

3. Walk yourself forward to get good tension on your hip.

Hip Flexor Stretches by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

4. Bend the knee of the leg you’re working on and balance with your other leg slightly behind.

Hip mobilization Exercises by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

5. Bend at the waist, keeping your back completely straight.

Hip Mobilization with band Exercises for Edmonton patients

6. Now increase the tension by straightening out your knee.

Hip Capsular Stretches Exercises

7. Slowly straighten and bend the knee of the leg you’re working on.

8. Next, move your hips in and out a little bit and hit the corners.

Hip mobilization treatment and exercise.

9. You can repeat this self-massage 2 minutes on each hip every other day.

This exercise is going to help with running and jumping and other active pursuits that require great hip mobilization. If you’re lacking in hip mobility or have some adhesion in that area, this is the best exercise to do.

Contact Pleasantview Physiotherapy today to schedule an appointment to see how physiotherapy exercises like hip mobilization can help you gain flexibility, reduce pain, and enjoy your life more.

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