• Work-Related Injury Care in Edmonton by Pleasantview Physiotherapy

    Work-Related Injury Care in Edmonton

Program Goal

This program is for those individuals who have sustained an injury at work and require rehabilitation for their injuries.


  • To facilitate early return to work
  • To encourage active, responsible participation of the worker in their rehabilitation
  • To work closely with Workers Compensation Board (WCB) in order to provide optimum care of the client

Program Components

  • Review of incident, medical reports, and diagnostic testing
  • Detailed assessment of the current musculoskeletal and/or neurological symptoms
  • Evaluation of functional disabilities with respect to work
  • Establishment of a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol which will include the following:
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Stretching
  • General work conditioning
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Range-of-motion exercise
  • Work-specific conditioning
  • Modified work-stimulation tasks

The exercise programs in Edmonton are tailored to individual clients and are designed to achieve optimal strength and endurance specific to their individual needs and their job requirements. We work to maximize potential and assist in the transition to modified and/or regular work for clients as quickly as possible.


Pleasantview Physiotherapy adheres to WCB reporting standards

All claims must be approved by WCB.

Craig W

I have had to come here from work related injury before. And they were great. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by reception to meeting with the therapist . Friendly and professional!

Craig W

Timothie Hill

These people are so nice and good at their occupations ,from the people answering the phone ,to the assistants and the therapists are amazing and helpful ! That was written a year ago
Recently I was there again after Hairdressing and lifting weights for my adult life I developed a pinched nerve in my neck and it got irritated and I wasn’t able to lift
Weights on my left arm I lost all power couldn’t do 35 lbs dumbbells could barley blow dry a Clients Hair it wasn’t looking good
I went to a place closer big mistake. So I went back to pleasant view saw Maggie yet again and three weeks later and two visits a few days of the workouts she gave me and I can do pull-ups without any pain I’m so happy

Nick WhyNot

I’ve been coming here for years when an injury arises and every time Chris/Brianna fix me up and help me prevent future injury! I Highly recommend them!

Nick WhyNot