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    Spinal Traction Therapy in Edmonton, AB

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Do you struggle with back or neck pain? Perhaps the pain has begun to radiate down your legs and arms? Many Edmonton, AB residents deal with this pain every day, never having found an effective treatment. Fortunately, the team at Pleasantview Physiotherapy can help. We provide several treatments geared toward alleviating this pain, including spinal traction therapy. This innovative technique has assisted numerous adults in regaining movement that is free of pain and discomfort. Our team is well-trained and has years of experience in providing this treatment and many other services. Find out more about this effective pain management technique.

What is Spinal Traction Therapy?

When patients visit us at Pleasantview Physiotherapy, it’s not uncommon that they’ve never heard of spinal traction therapy. In short, Spinal Traction Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses traction to alleviate neck and back pain. Studies show that injuries to the spinal disc are often the culprit of the chronic leg, neck, back, and arm pain. Spinal traction takes much of the pressure off of the nerves within the spine. With this innovative treatment, you can significantly reduce pain associated with movement. Many of our patients rave about the results after spinal traction treatment, and we hope you can obtain the same favorable results.

Spinal Traction Treats a Range of Conditions

Spinal traction treatment has been successful for a wide variety of conditions. Generally speaking, this method can be used for a number of ailments involving the spinal disc and general back and neck pain. More specifically, at Pleasantview Physiotherapy, we utilize this technique to treat the following:

  • Herniated discs
  • Facet joint syndromes
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched spinal nerves

Explaining Spinal Traction Treatment

The process for spinal traction is quite simple and even enjoyable for Pleasantview Physiotherapy patients. We ask our patients to lie down on the spinal traction table, where they’ll be fitted to a support system to stabilize their body. Using this system, our team can adjust the angle to focus on specific areas where spinal discs are causing pain and discomfort. As you relax during the treatment, you might feel a gentle, pulling sensation, but very few patients report pain. If you have any concerns about this treatment process, feel free to discuss them with our staff. We’re always happy to explain our methods to give you peace of mind.

How Long Is This Treatment Program?

There’s no definitive timespan for how long spinal decompression treatment will last. Each spinal traction session typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes and is used in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques. The specific time it will take for your pain to subside depends on the extent of your injury. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll need to discuss your spinal traction treatment with your physiotherapist to learn just how many sessions you’ll need for maximum pain relief.

Try Our Exercise Programs to Supplement Therapy

At Pleasantview Physiotherapy, we recommend combining Spinal Traction Therapy with some of our exercises. These help to extend the spine further and centralize any pain you’re still feeling. Your therapist will work with you to choose spinal exercises that work for your skill level and condition. While Spinal Traction Therapy is not a stand-alone, cure-all treatment, it can get you well on your way to a life with less pain.

Why Choose Pleasantview Physiotherapy?

If you’re interested in trying spinal traction therapy, now is the time! Pleasantview Physiotherapy is proud to offer this exciting form of treatment in Edmonton, AB. Our staff is highly trained in all things physiotherapy, and we’re ready to share our expertise with you. There’s no reason to live in pain when our team can help you find a way to alleviate it. Ready to get started on your spinal traction treatment program? Consult with one of our therapists and learn if this is a suitable treatment method for you. Contact us today!