• Our Staff - Joanna Wood

Joanna Wood

Office Manager

Johanna Wood

Joanna may be the newbie around here but the physiotherapy world is certainly not new for her. She began as a physio assistant 14 years ago and then moved to the admin and management roles for the last 10 years working at various clinics in and around the city. She may be an introvert at heart but she loves interacting with the people who come through our doors and hearing their stories.

Outside of work Joanna is currently working on a few Bible courses and planning her wedding. But her biggest passion in life is music. She is quite stubborn and refuses to take lessons for things so she is self taught at playing guitar, bass, drums and even a little piano. She has played bass guitar and sang on worship teams at church since 12 years old and more recently has even been dabbling in some song writing/recording. If she’s not playing it, she is always on the search for new music to listen to and sing along with. Fun fact – if Joanna goes on a road trip that is longer than 2 hours, she will have no voice by the time she gets wherever she is going. You may have seen her driving around the city – She is that person singing at the top of her lungs, drumming on her steering wheel (even at 6:30 in the morning).