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Physical Therapy

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Physical Therapy Centre in Edmonton

May 17, 2018

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is good for people of all ages who need help with illness or injury or a medical condition that limits their ability to move.

If you or a loved one can’t enjoy life anymore as you could in the past, for whatever reason, physical therapy can help. You can get better range of motion and stamina to take back your life. Physical therapy is also great at preventing recurrences of pain or disability by strengthening your muscles.

If you suffer from chronic or debilitating pain, here are 9 reasons to visit a physical therapy centre in Edmonton.

1. Reduce or stop pain

When you’re in pain, perhaps the last thing you want to do is exercise or manipulate those sore areas. Physical therapy will help you reduce or stop the pain first and then give you therapeutic exercises and manual techniques. Following your therapist’s instructions will not only strengthen the muscles to help eliminate pain, but will help prevent the pain from returning.

2. An alternative to surgery

Most people would like to avoid surgery if they can, and physical therapy can help. It may help you eliminate your pain or heal better from an injury. In that case, you may not need surgery. And if you require surgery, physical therapy can get you in better shape before the surgery to lessen recovery time.

3. Increase mobility

Problems standing, walking, or moving can hit anyone at any age. Physical therapy can help. Stretching and strengthening exercises help your range of motion and get you back to moving confidently. Your physical therapist can also help you with any assistive device you need like crutches, a cane, etc. No matter how impaired your mobility, physical therapy can help you reach a reach a better quality of life and better range of motion.

4. Stroke recovery

Many stroke victims lose some range of motion and mobility function after a stroke. A physical therapist can work with you to increase your mobility and work to strengthen the weakened parts of the body. He or she can help you walk and balance better. If you or a loved one is bed-bound after a stroke, physical therapy can help you learn to move independently. You can increase your mobility enough to reduce the burden for your care.

5. Sports injury recovery

Sprains, strains, stress fractures, and other injuries can happen to athletes. A physical therapist understands how sports make you more prone to certain types of injuries. He or she can work with you to create an exercise and strengthening program to help you heal faster and to prevent injuries from recurring.

6. Improve balance to prevent falls

Everyone involved in physical therapy gets screened for balance issues. If your physical therapist determines you’re at high risk for a fall, he or she will assign exercises to carefully and safely improve your balance. Using common scenarios that mimic the way you can lose balance in real life, you’ll learn how to avoid falls. Physical therapists can even help with balance problems due to dizziness or vertigo.

7. Manage chronic health conditions

Chronic health conditions like diabetes and vascular conditions can put a strain on your quality of life. Exercise is a great way to control your blood sugar and to help with nerve problems in your feet or legs. Learning proper foot care from a physical therapist can save you from experiencing major problems in the future.

8. Control age-related problems

As you get older, you may develop age-related issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. You may need a joint replacement. Physical therapy is an excellent way to recover from joint replacement and to manage your arthritis or osteoporosis problems. Your physical therapist will take a conservative approach to help you overcome age-related issues.

9. Manage heart and lung disease

Many patients need physical therapy after a heart procedure or suffering a heart attack to help return to daily functioning. For lung disease, physical therapy can improve your quality of life with conditioning, strengthening, and breathing exercises that help you clear fluid from your lungs.

If you think physical therapy sounds like a good option to help you, contact Pleasantview Physiotherapy, a leading physical therapy centre in Edmonton, to schedule a consultation. Our certified physiotherapists will create a plan with you to help you get back on your feet again.