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How to Choose a Trustworthy Physio- Rehab Centre in Edmonton?

June 13, 2018

Are you or a loved one in need of a physiotherapist-rehab centre in Edmonton? If so, you
obviously want to find the best available, one who is trustworthy and provides the treatment
you need. Although every clinic feels it is a "good" one, "good" is still subjective depending on
who you talk to. Here are several considerations to help you find a trustworthy physiotherapy-
rehab centre in Edmonton to provide the level of treatment you want and need.

Convenient hours

Physiotherapist-rehab centres that place patients first will offer before and after work
appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. Many people simply don’t have the
flexibility to attend appointments any time during the day. Offering morning and evening
appointment times help those who badly need treatment but can’t take time off work.

Look for a physio-rehab centre that offers hours as early as 8:00 a.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m.
And find one that blocks off an hour for an introductory assessment appointment and 30-
minute follow-up appointments. You don’t want a centre that rushes its patients through in 15-
minute blocks of time.

Registered physiotherapists

Pay particular attention to physio-rehab centres that offer recovery exercises, but omit mention
of registered physiotherapists on staff. You need to meet with a licensed physiotherapist for an
assessment before starting treatment.

You also need a registered and licensed physiotherapist who handles your case going forward.
Each follow-up visit should be with a physiotherapist who has the proper credentials to treat
your type of injury or recovery. This ensures you aren't injured during therapy and can speed up
your recovery.

One-to-one patient ratio

Some centres deliver their therapy services in group settings where you might have multiple
patients receiving attention at the same time. A trustworthy physio-rehab centre pairs patients
with a physiotherapist on a one-to-one basis. You should never have group physiotherapy when you’re trying to recover from a specific condition.

Or some clinics hand over treatment to an assistant who doesn’t have the same qualifications
and licensing as the physiotherapist. You want your physiotherapist to administer all
treatments so he or she can test your progress and response to treatment. This allows for
changes should you not respond or progress as well as expected.

Private treatment rooms

Look for a physio-rehab centre that offers private treatment rooms to patients and
physiotherapists. Not only will you feel more comfortable taking part in your treatment session,
but you’ll be more likely to discuss your condition candidly. Not everyone feels open to talking
about their conditions in front of strangers.

You want a focused and distraction-free private room where you can talk one-to-one with your
registered physiotherapist. Not all centres offer these types of rooms, so ask before you
schedule any visits.

Ethical treatment and billing

You need a treatment plan designed around the best therapy or recovery for your
situation—not one designed around your available coverage. Lesser reputable physio-rehab
centres will design a treatment plan that maximizes your insurance coverage, not the one that
is best for you physically.

A trustworthy physio-rehab centre will schedule appointments and treatments to meet your
needs, not your coverage. This will save you unnecessary treatment sessions. It also means if
you need treatment again in the future, you’ll still have coverage available.

Areas of specialization

Last, but not least, look for a centre that offers areas of specialization. Physiotherapists must
compete years of study and training to receive licensing and registration. Some go beyond to
specialize in such areas as sport injury, mental health, aged care, workplace rehabilitation,
surgery recovery and rehabilitation, and spine and head injuries, among others.

If you have a specific injury or condition, you want a physiotherapist who specializes in that
area. Look for a clinic that offers a variety of specialties in physiotherapy and complementary

Contact physio-rehab centres in Edmonton to find one that provides the best treatment for
your particular needs and condition.