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What is Rehabilitation and How Can You Recover from a Serious Accident?

June 9, 2018


If you’ve experienced a serious illness or received an injury, you may need rehabilitation to get
better. Rehabilitation treatment can help you recover from a workplace injury, a stroke or heart
attack, surgery, and many other conditions.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation comprises treatments after an injury or illness designed to help you recover. It is
a slow, step-by-step process aimed at getting you moving again, regaining strength, relearning
skills, and even finding new ways to perform your normal activities.

The goal of rehabilitation is to provide you with the best quality of life as possible. This may
mean bringing you back physically to the same life you had before your injury or sickness, or it
might be something else.

With your physiotherapist’s help, you can decide what rehabilitation will do for you. With his or
her input, you’ll set goals and design a treatment plan to help you get there.

You may need rehabilitation for any of the following conditions:

• Surgery
• Heart attack or stroke
• Spinal or head injury
• Illness, including mental illness
• Long-term hospitalization
• Injury at home, work, or some other location

Your role in rehabilitation is important and can be time-consuming. You may need to perform
regular exercises at home in between rehabilitation treatments with a physiotherapist.

Types of rehabilitation services

You can have either inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, depending on your condition, injury,
or treatment needs.

Special hospital wards offer inpatient treatments like in a stroke unit, in a rehabilitation centre,
or a private hospital.

You can receive outpatient rehabilitation in a physio-rehab centre or an outpatient clinic by a
licensed and registered physiotherapist. You need to be particular when you evaluate
rehabilitation clinics and centres. Find one that provides the kinds of services you need by
therapists who specialize in your area of need.

How you can recover from a serious accident

Rehabbing injuries is the most important thing you can do for your own recovery. If you don’t
rehab an injury properly, you can re-injure yourself or reduce your recovery potential.

The reason physiotherapists offer a range for recovery is that people don’t heal at the same
rates. Normally, when a therapist offers a recovery period of 4 to 6 months, it means that those
who are diligent and recover quickly can expect 4 months, while others should expect 6
To recover from any accident or condition, you need to set aside time daily to perform the
exercises your physiotherapists assigns. If you only take part in the exercises at your weekly
rehabilitation appointments, your recovery will take a lot longer.

Plan to set aside extra time every single day to perform your treatment exercises even if it’s a
small injury. The only way to recover properly is to faithfully and consistently follow your
physiotherapists treatment plan, both at home and at the rehabilitation clinic.

Final thoughts

Increasing your range of motion through physiotherapy and rebuilding strength in your injured
area are important. The only way to accomplish this is through a comprehensive rehabilitation
treatment plan. You may need to perform your exercises on a go-forward basis to keep your
injured area strong and healthy and to minimize future risk.